3/21/17 Every action has a consequence…

You expect Tuesday’s to be pretty normal days right? Not here at Carroll High. As monday night approached a new snapchat surfaced. It included an image of guns and the caption stating “ Getting ready for school” which was then shared multiple times and with new captions stating “Carroll better get ready for [student’s name] tmw”

The image caused a great stir, the kid was arrested and security was amped up to the max. There was a police officer at every door. Teachers and administrators at every corner–Half the school isn’t here. So today’s been pretty chill, besides the occasional scare, like this morning at breakfast a group of people started screaming and ran. But, it’s all a joke anyways, it was just taken a little too far for my taste.

In first period we lightened the mood, someone made the comment that we hadn’t done the pledge so we stood and did that on our own which was then followed by the singing of the National Anthem by a few wonderful classmates. As far as I know also, the class of 2020 LOVES spongebob and memes. After finishing what work we had (very little, thanks AP biology outlines and highlighters), we played a kahoot on memes. One of the questions fit today perfectly, the question was “what do you do after you lose a kahoot” and the answer choice that I, and my peers, related to most was “kashoot up the school”

Besides the occasional quiz and geometry problem (gross right?), today has been pretty alright, lots of joking, lots of fun. But does it make anyone else realize that the pain, mistake, or hardships of another cause laughter, joy, and happiness for others?  Just something I thought about, because I’m sure that kids parents are miserable, their son just got charger for planning a terrorist attack….

…after all , every action has a consequence


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