We may not need someone to guide us down the path, but we might need someone to tell us which one to go down.

I’ve seen a trend going on among my teachers this year. As we transition into high school, teachers start to guide us less and less and self learning becomes more prevalent. I hate being handed a packet of foreign math and being expected to teach myself through “discovery.”

I do understand however, that we do not need someone to baby us and hold our hands, but we would appreciate some actual teaching sometimes. I understand that teachers have a curriculum they have to teach but, who says it isn’t okay to stray from the path.

I want to actually be taught! I don’t want outlines and stupid packets. I want someone who wants to teach me, wants me to learn, wants to spark a light in me. I don’t want to be given the test answers, I want to be given the material to understand the topic! I want to grasp the topic. I simply want to learn!

It seems like we get all the stressful, suicide thought invoking, depression causing work that we never understand All. In. One. Day. And then, every other day, we get mind-numbingly boring and pointless busy work that we don’t benefit from and only gives them [teachers] more to grade to avoid grading the important stuff (shade at the teacher that takes WEEKS to grade tests because “they were busy”… I wish I could use that excuse as to why I didn’t do my 2354767625 pages of homework and 6 projects due the same day …).

A couple teachers teach, a couple just drone on and on about how they hate Laying the Foundation but don’t want to help us with the garbage they give us, and others just do nothing. It’s sad, it really is, there’re kids out there who really, really, want to learn, but no one here to actually teach them.


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